THIS WEEK -> Diving in Lake Tahoe (Kickstarter Update #13)

Original post : June 6, 2016


This will be a quick update, mostly to point you to all the exciting testing and events we're doing this summer as we push on with production.

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The big news is this week's dive on the wreck of the SS Tahoe at depths of more than 120 meters. This will be a good field test of the software we're planning to ship with Trident. We're planning to live stream and share the whole process. It should be a lot of fun!

Here are the ways to participate and follow along:

The other big event is the Open House at OpenROV HQ on July 16th. You can RSVP for the event here. We'd love to see you and give you a live demo of the Trident.

Hopefully see you in person or online during one of these events. As always, thanks for being on this adventure with us!

-OpenROV Team

(PS. In case you're interested in the technical-side of this week's Tahoe dive, check out Eric's write-up on the DIY Research Vessel on the OpenROV Forums.