The Future of Open Explorer

Hey all,

We are, as we have been for the past two years, laser focused on the production and shipping of Trident. But we do have a bit of exciting non-production news to share: Open Explorer is now part of National Geographic!

What does this mean?

National Geographic Partners is going to be taking over operational control of Open Explorer site, integrating it into (Important: not OpenROV the company, just Open Explorer the site!) They are excited to build on the incredible momentum that you all have contributed to making Open Explorer a pioneering digital field journal. National Geographic has been the home for exploration, science and storytelling for over 130 years, and they are a perfect partner for Open Explorer as we begin this next chapter. Our mission to democratize exploration is stronger than ever.

Check it out:

Does this mean Open Explorer is going away?

Not at all! This is just the beginning. National Geographic has big plans to grow the site, both in terms of functionality as well as audience and scope. Even the name — Open Explorer — is staying the same. This new partnership gives us the resources and reach to take the product and community to a whole new level.

How does this affect OpenROV or Trident?

OpenROV will continue to focus on building and shipping Tridents, as well as on pioneering new exploration technology. In fact, the new arrangement, allowing National Geographic to continue driving the growth and direction of Open Explorer, means that we'll be even more focused on the production of the highest quality exploration tools. It also means we'll be able to share our ongoing expeditions with a much larger Open Explorer community. And all of your Open Explorer expeditions will get a larger audience, too. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

What are National Geographic's plans for the site?

They are going to continue creating a tool that truly democratizes exploration by allowing anyone to share their stories of curiosity and adventure. It will connect the community with even more resources — from new product partnerships to expanded crowdfunding capability — but more importantly, with each other. The heart and soul of Open Explorer has always been about the connections between people, and adding National Geographic means that even more inspiring and interested folks will be joining the fold.

What about all my expeditions and data on the site?

We’ve already transferred all the data into a newly designed Open Explorer site on The new design is beautiful and incorporates the best of the old Open Explorer with the design sensibilities of National Geographic. I think you'll love it.

Why did you do this?

From the very beginning of this project and company, our mission has been to democratize exploration. We built the original OpenROV kit because we knew we needed better and more affordable technology, but it’s never been about just the robots. It’s also about the thirst for the unknown and the thrill of discovery and the belief that these experiences are infinitely better when they’re shared with friends and other kindred spirits. We partnered up with National Geographic because they share those values. We think this deal makes our community that much more interesting and that much more exciting. And makes owning a Trident an even bolder invitation to a life of adventure. We hope you agree.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Looking forward to building this exciting new platform for curiosity together.

Ok, back to building Tridents.

David Lang