Sneak Peek: VR Cockpit (Trident Kickstarter Update #5)

Original post : October 20, 2015

"The VR interface puts you in the cockpit of the Trident, and while it’s very beta right now, it’s obvious how fun it will be when the whole thing is perfected. You can watch the water flow around you, and curious fish faces pop into your view in glorious 3-D. It feels like an amusement park ride–except it’s real. You’re really driving around underwater, exploring."

-Annalee Newitz, Gizmodo

We've been talking a lot about the new VR cockpit for Trident. There's a reason: it's truly game-changing. Everyone we've given the demo to has said the same thing:

"Wow! That's amazing! This is definitely the future."

Instead of watching the video feed on the screen of your laptop or smartphone, you're actually sitting inside your own personal submarine, driving wherever you want. We demoed the latest VR cockpit at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire over the weekend.

Here's a 3D model of the cockpit. The most current version has telemetry built in, too. It will look quite a bit different by the time it ships next year, but this should give you a good sense for how exciting it is: