ROS Integration with OpenROV

A team of researchers from UCSD have just completed integrating ROS (The Robotic Operating System) and OpenROV.

ROS is system that can be used to control many different aspects of robots, from moving a joint to planning an autonomous mission. Written primarily in C and Python, the system has a ecosystem of intercommunicating plugins that have been built up over the years. Now anyone with an OpenROV and the interest can extend their system with:

We have several groups that are tackling ROS integration in different ways. In the case of the UCSD team, they used a solution provided by ROS that enables interaction to the ROS system via websockets which are easy to work with in Node.js. This solution also takes advantage of the fact the OpenROV is tethered to a computer on the surface by having the ROS modules run on the surface computer while interacting with the node.js APIs of the ROV that run the BeagleBone Black below the surface.

Look for more details as well as future posts with the instructions on how to install ROS on your own OpenROV in our discussion in the OpenrOV forums:

Cover art from wikipedia, of the Atlas robot which runs ROS that you can learn more about here.

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