30.0.3 OpenROV Software Suite Released

Our latest maintenance release for the software that runs on the ROV is out. While this is technically a "point" release with no new features, there are a lot of major behind the scene to make things faster and more reliable.

This release has been tested on controller-board based ROVs (2.5-2.8 kits).

Flash Image : Burn it to a SD card, the SD card then programs the built in FLASH memory on the ROV. Remove the card and dive!

SD Card Image: Burn it to a SD card that stays in your ROV while you dive.

Quick Notes:

The beep sequence has changed. The first beep now waits 10 seconds after applying power. There is no longer a second beep when the ROV is "ready". Instead the lights will flash for a few seconds.

Some things new:

Web-SSH: We have added an web based ssh client. No more putty or ssh command-line tools needed. This is available on port 3009 of your ROV. Either or http://openrov.local:3009.

mDNS: If you have a modern O/S, Windows 10, or an older version of windows with iTunes installed, you should be able to communicate to the ROV using http://openrov.local. You no longer need to know the IP address of the ROV. If you have any problem, the static IP address still works.

Some things better

Boot: The boot time is down to about 45 seconds

Lots of things fixed

Flashing Lights: The random flashing lights are fixed. There are only two situations where the lights will start flashing. Either the ROV has finished booting and it flashes for a few seconds, or the system is having trouble communicating with your browser window... probably because it is no longer in the foreground.

Boot reliability: Lots of fixes to ensure the ROV boots up reliably every time.

Image corruption: Again, lots of work done to reduce any change of image corruption.

Internet Updates: They are working again. This should be the last required SD card download to upgrade for a while.

Internet downloaded Plugins: They are working again!

Cloud9: Has been fixed with the latest and greatest. You can now update code in real-time on the running ROV form port 3131 of your ROV.

IMU2: Lots of stability improvements for all ROV versions.

and more ... that you can discuss in the release notes.

Brian Adams

The quintessential software geek who loves hacking on hardware. As the lead developer with OpenROV, I'm building a community of software hackers to build inexpensive, open source robots.

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