Bay Area Hack Day @ OpenROV May 30th 2015

" We are all about cleverly misusing off the shelf products in new and interesting ways."

-- Eric Stackpole (Co-founder OpenROV)

That quote reflects the hacking culture that is very much a part of OpenROV. From past hacking events teams have created a robotic tortoise, sampling devices, and a long list of monster ROVs. In fact the OpenROV forums are teaming with hacking discussions.

Our OpenROV Bay Area meetup group is sponsoring our next hack day May 30th from 10am to 6pm. The event is hosted by our own @Marius_Antares (Thomas) who describes it as:

The purpose of this build day is to get all of the talented engineers, builders, developers, and hackers into our lab for experiments and projects with the leftover scrap from our production runs(2.3-2.7).

Lots of this stuff has been taken apart and is in various states of dis-repair. However all kinds of things can be built from this leftover "junk". If you attend you are guaranteed the pick of our scrapyard!

After a quick inventory of what is available it is certain that several "frankenstein" underwater robots can be created from this lot. more...

If your in the Bay Area and want to stop by and hack with us, go ahead an RSVP on the meetup:

Gallery of past OpenROV hacks:

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The quintessential software geek who loves hacking on hardware. As the lead developer with OpenROV, I'm building a community of software hackers to build inexpensive, open source robots.

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